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About Us

Why Classic Casino?

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Add distinction to your next event with the help of Classic Casino.  We provide casino-grade equipment and accessories, entertaining and knowledgeable dealers, and offer a variety of classic casino games.  Entertain your guests and make your next event a success!

Classic Casino has been in business for over a decade and has completed nearly one thousand successful events.  We are Wisconsin's largest and most well-loved casino entertainment company!

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Our Commitment

Appleton Vegas Night, Milwaukee Vegas Night, Madison Vegas Night

Classic Casino is happy to work with its clients on an individual level to produce the best possible party results.  We will work with your needs and provide personal attention every step of the way.  Whether Classic Casino is the center of your intimate gathering, or an addition to something larger, every effort will be made to make your party truly distinct!

When you book an event with Classic Casino you can feel confident that all the details will be taken care of.  We draw on our experience from hundreds of successful casino events to make every event a smooth and entertaining party!   

Who We Are

The Holton Family

Classic Casino is owned and operated by Dave and Heather Holton.  We are a Christian faith-based company who strives to provide the highest quality equipment and most entertaining dealers in the industry.  

Although we serve the entire state of Wisconsin, we do our best to keep our dealers local.  An event in Madison will be filled with dealers who live in the Madison area, a Milwaukee event with Milwaukee dealers, a Fox Valley event with Fox Valley dealers, whenever  possible.  

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Classic Casino

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Planning & Playing

Appleton casino night, Milwaukee casino night, Madison casino night

The Set-Up

Choosing the right mix of games and the correct number of casino tables for the size and type of your party is critical. Below are some suggestions for our most popular games based on number of guests.

400 Guests

25 Blackjack, 5 Poker, 2 Roulette, 3 Craps, 2 Slot Machines, 1 Prize Wheel

200 Guests

10 Blackjack, 3 Poker, 2 Roulette, 2 Craps, 2 Slot Machines, 1 Prize Wheel

100 Guests

6 Blackjack, 2 Poker, 1 Roulette, 1 Craps, 2 Slot Machines

50 Guests

3 Blackjack, 1 Poker, 1 Roulette, 1 Craps


Guests begin with one $500 Classic Cash voucher provided by Classic Casino. The voucher can be redeemed at any casino table for playing chips, and chips can be transferred between tables. At the end of the night, dealers exchange the chips for raffle tickets. Every $250 in chips is worth one raffle ticket.


Tired of the same old fundraisers?

Looking to get your supporters excited about your cause again?

Casino games can be a huge draw to bring in donors to your event!

Classic Casino has the most experience in planning and providing casino night fundraisers in Wisconsin.

We will assist you in your fundraising by explaining Classic Casino's casino night fundraisers at any board or committee meeting.

Casino Fundraisers are more fun!

Casino Fundraisers are more fun!


Blackjack Tables

Blackjack table rental

 Size:   5' x 3'  
Number of Players:      7 
Host Requirements:     8 chairs 


Classic Casino strives to offer the highest-quality casino tables in the business and these are a few of our most popular games. We also offer a variety of specialty games, poker games, slot machines, bingo, and more--just ask!

Although we cannot guarantee that the tables shown will be the exact tables used for your party, we feel confident that any substitutions will not detract from the classic casino experience!  

Texas Hold'em

poker table rental

 Size:   6' x 3'  
Number of Players:    8 
Host Requirements:   9 chairs 


roulette table rental

 Size:   7' x 3'  
Number of Players:    8 
Host Requirements:   None 


craps table rental

 Size:   8' x 3'  (additional sizes available)
Number of Players:    12-14 
Host Requirements:   8' Banquet Table 

Gaming Chips

poker chip rental

These 39mm diameter casino sized chips are 11.5 grams in weight--the same weight and feel as a heavy casino chip.  
We use the highest quality chips—not plastic! 


Additional Information

Q. I thought gambling was illegal--will I get in trouble for hosting a party?

No! The only money exchanged at a party is the fees paid by the host to Classic Casino for use of its equipment and dealers. Players do not pay to play, nor will they win cash. Classic Casino is in the entertainment business, not the gambling business!   For more information contact the Wisconsin Office on Charitable Gaming--they are very nice and helpful.  It is the organization’s responsibility to determine the need for, and maintain possession of, raffle or other licenses.

Q. Some of my guests don't have much experience with classic casino games--will they still enjoy this type of party?

Yes! We find that most guests do NOT know how to play the games, so our dealers are trained to work with players of all levels. They are more than happy to explain the rules of the game and offer help along the way. 

Q.  Can the dealers entertain the children that come to my party?

For the enjoyment of all players, Classic Casino strongly discourages those under the age of 13 from actively participating in casino play.

Q. How many tables do I need for my party?

For small, intimate gatherings, tables should seat close to 100% of your guests. Larger parties, when the games are one of many fun opportunities offered, should have a much lower percentage. In both instances, our consultants will be happy to discuss your specific needs and desires and offer suggestions to make your party truly distinct. 

Q. How much space to I need for each table?     

Please see our Equipment & Tables page for pictures of each table and estimated size requirements.

Q. What does a price quote include?

Delivery, set-up, all equipment and chips, Classic Cash vouchers, two and a half hours with professional dealers, and removal of equipment.​

Q. What are the host requirements for an event?

Chairs for blackjack and pokers tables. Craps tables require a table to set on. Slot machines require a sturdy table and power source.

​Q. How do I book an event?

Once the details have been worked out, a signed contract and 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold a party date. The remaining balance must be paid within seven days of the event for up to two and a half hours of Classic Casino's services. Payment can be made via cash or check--credit cards are accepted only via PayPal.

Q. What about tipping the dealers?

Gratuity is appreciated, but not expected. Tips can be given directly to dealers at the event, or included with payment and then distributed by Classic Casino.

Q. What if I need to change my number of tables or cancel my event?

The number of tables needed can be dropped without penalty until one month before the event. In the case of a cancellation, deposits will not be returned. Our dealers rely on these gigs for income and we strive to be fair to their schedules while still being flexible for our clients. If additional tables are needed with less than a month's notice, we will do our best to secure more dealers, but the closer to the event date, the more difficult that becomes.

Q. Can I come see one of your parties in action?

We will gladly let you know if there is an event open to the public in your area that you can attend.  However, we will not invite potential clients to any private events.  You are also welcome to view hundreds of pictures on our facebook page.

Don't just rent tables, rent a party!

Don't just rent tables, rent a party!

Client Feedback

Samantha, Event Planner

 With your team, the hotel staff and my team we had a home run event!  And so your staff knows how important they are to this or any event, I’d like to share this:

With the amount of people taking about how much fun they had at the casino night I was rehired for the future events. One is about three times larger than this last one. Which means we all got more work for the future! 

Corey, Family Party

I don't even know what to write other than a very big thank you to you and your dealers.  The party went off without a hitch and exceeded all my expectations. You always were there with answers to my questions and provided ideas I hadn't thought of. The dealers were simply amazing.  They taught us the games, took no crap (as our group can get a little feisty in a fun way), and through all that ran the show with skill.   Just about every guest told me they have had the most fun they can recall at a party in ages.  Laura's 92-year-old grandma stayed all three hours till 10 having the time of her life. At one point the entire guest party was elbow to elbow at every table. It was a sight to see.  

Kate, Birthday Party

 Thank you sooooo much for arranging everything. My 40th was EXACTLY what I wanted. Everyone had a blast and I got to sit and enjoy because your dealers basically played entertaining hostess for me :)

Thank you again and I will recommend your company to everyone!

Michael S., Corporate Holiday Party


It was a great time. Everything was set up as discussed. Matt came in early and made sure his team and we also understood the process. All our guests had nothing but good things to say. I only played Blackjack the whole time but had a good group of my coworkers to play with; Dottie was an EXCELLENT dealer. She made sure the less experienced understood the game and kept it fun for us all.

You definitely have our future business and referral as well.

Lori S., Fundraiser

I just wanted to send you a quick message today and say thank you from the bottom of all our hearts. It was quite a humbling experience last night and it truly was with all of your help and advice and expertise. The comments I was getting back about the dealers was great. They were helpful and teaching those sitting at tables that did not know how to play and had fun with it all. 
You have such a great talent. I hope maybe you get a few more gigs out of it maybe from those in the room that may be looking for a casino night in the future also. 

Amy G., Employee Appreciation

I wanted to let you know that we have received rave reviews on our Casino Night event.  This was a big departure from what we have done for this event in the past and I was a little worried about how it would be received. Our employees loved it.  Most of them had never gambled before and were a little hesitant to go to the tables.  I spent time walking around and encouraging people to just give it a try.  By the end of the night our guests were very engaged and having a great time.  The dealers were very approachable and really made the evening a great success.  Thanks for everything!