planning & playing


The Set-Up

Choosing the right mix of games and the correct number of casino tables for the size and type of your party is critical. Below are some suggestions for our most popular games based on number of guests. 

400 Guests

25 Blackjack, 5 Poker, 2 Roulette, 3 Craps, 2 Slot Machines, 1 Prize Wheel 

200 Guests

10 Blackjack, 3 Poker, 2 Roulette, 2 Craps, 2 Slot Machines, 1 Prize Wheel 

100 Guests

6 Blackjack, 2 Poker, 1 Roulette, 1 Craps, 2 Slot Machines 

50 Guests

3 Blackjack, 1 Poker, 1 Roulette, 1 Craps 


Guests begin with one $500 Classic Cash voucher provided by Classic Casino. The voucher can be redeemed at any casino table for playing chips, and chips can be transferred between tables. At the end of the night, dealers exchange the chips for raffle tickets. Every $250 in chips is worth one raffle ticket.